The Benefits of a Multi-Asset Approach

Our Funds and Model Portfolios are multi-asset combining exposure to a broad range of assets; portfolios are highly diversified with investments providing carefully chosen exposure to bonds, equities and ‘alternative assets’ such as commodities, property, infrastructure and private equity.


While all investments will have been chosen in the expectation that they will contribute to achieving the Funds’ and Model Portfolios’ ultimate objectives of providing an attractive level of total return over the long term, the spread of assets is also designed to reduce the level of volatility in the performance of the Funds and Model Portfolios, and to assist in guarding against risks that are always a feature of investment.

Multi Asset Table 2017

The table above demonstrates the huge degree of divergence between the performance of different asset classes from one year to the next. To help guide investors through the changing dynamics of these asset classes each year, Hawksmoor Fund Managers seek to adjust the multi-asset Funds’ and Model Portfolios’ exposure to the various asset classes to reflect their judgement of the prevailing risks and rewards of each asset. Furthermore the managers seek the most appropriate funds for that allocation, choosing funds run by talented managers who are able to deliver superior returns over and above those achieved by their asset class average. Our approach has consistently delivered superior risk-adjusted returns for investors since the respective launch dates of the Funds and Models.

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